Donut Day? There’s a wine for that.

Hello National Donut Day.  I know you were created by the Salvation Army in 1938  but I  never focused on celebrating you as a holiday before now.  So, here goes…   Dearest Donut, I know I don’t talk to you often, but, I’m one of your biggest fans. I’m the one who would take the last donut from the office coffee room (after I had already eaten my share). And I think...
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It’s about the Wine Experience

Welcome to the Wine Experience.  It’s  calling a small, elegant ship your home, as it leisurely travels down a river in Europe.  Each day, the captain ports at quaint European villages which you tour.  Meanwhile the chef stops in the village market to buy the local wines and fresh meats or fish and produce which he serves to you that night. As I describe the many aspects of the Wine...
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