June 1, 2016

It's about the Wine Experience

The Wine Experience

Welcome to the Wine Experience.  It's  calling a small, elegant ship your home, as it leisurely travels down a river in Europe.  Each day, the captain ports at quaint European villages which you tour.  Meanwhile the chef stops in the village market to buy the local wines and fresh meats or fish and produce which he serves to you that night.

As I describe the many aspects of the Wine Experience that people can experience at Wine Time, when I get to the part about European River Wine Cruises, everyone, and I mean everyone, says "I've always wanted to know more about that."

So, take a slow sip of wine and imagine...

Stepping off a ship into a European city with charm, great food, entertainment and sites you won't see here in the U.S.

Traveling  in safety, in a small ship (less than 200 passengers) and enjoy excursions, food, beverages and gratuities included in your pricing.

Wine can be the centerpiece of so many wonderful moments in life.  And at Wine Time at the Colony, we bring together the winemakers, chefs, artists and artisans and wine fans to help bring out the Wine Experience for you.

If you want to expand on your enjoyment at Wine Time, to take you to a wonderful time and place, come to meet Mary Yohannan, a certified expert in River Cruises.

Wine Experience

Life Is Better Traveling


Over 14 winemakers are on site on  June 18 to add to your Wine Experience. Wine Time features some of Pennsylvania's largest fruit farm and vineyard growers. The approximately 150 wines offered for unlimited sampling demonstrate the diversity from Pennsylvania and New York wine growing regions. 

Discover the difference in soils, grape, growing regions, and the many talents of the winemakers.

Yes, you can get so much from a just a  sip.  Enjoy the Wine Experience!





Beth Ann Ray
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