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June 12, 2018

When less is all the more I need.

Do you ever get a feeling that we live in a culture where the drive for "more" is relentless?  As in more flavors of yogurt or coffee, more games that dominate the screen space on my phone, or more clothes than I actually ever wear?

The Barefoot Forge

Damascus Steel ring

Yet, what engages my attention the most are the details revealed when someone focuses on the opposite.  Like a blacksmith who decides that rather than forging dozens of items, he's going to focus his forge-time on making only one thing.... a ring.

Can it get any simpler than a circle of metal? Or can it get any more complex when one looks closely to see where the circle "begins" and  "ends."  Or is it continuous, a series of beginnings and endings? I peer deeper into the endless circle of beginnings and endings and realize I'm also looking at the perfect rhythm for life. The friendships, the loves, the family and fellowship that flow in and out, that begin and end continuously.

Which brings us back around to an historic, organic 50-acre farm just outside of Pittsburgh. It is here, in the shadows of the city's renown steel heritage, that a young artisan works with a serenity and brute force to unite dissimilar metals to create Damascus steel.  Swords crafted in this ancient artform last forever.  And that is the intention behind the multiple layers and time put into each uniquely designed ring.

The Barefoot Forge

Damascus Steel Rings for any occassion

We are honored to welcome Craig Cowan, The Barefoot Forgeto Wine Time at the Colony on June 16th.  Just look for the barefoot guy, with a smile, who is ready to honor your friendships, and loves and commitments with the best symbol from nature -- the endless rhythm of life.



Beth Ann Ray
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